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Ambrosia apples

Zornia sericea Moric.
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Jeniang, Kedah, Malaysia.

Zornia sericea Moric. Fabaceae. CN: Maconha brava, Koemataballi, Tencilla, Zornia, Barba de burro, Bogus cannabis. Native of tropical South The united states somewhere else naturalized. A perennial herb stem ca 20 to fifty cm prolonged with a prostrate growth behavior and intense branching. Claimed having moderate narcotic results visible modifications and gentle sedative effects.

Zornia diphylla var. gracilis (DC.) Benth.
Zornia diphylla (L.) Pers. var. latifolia (Dc.) Benth.
Zornia diphylla subsp. latifolia (DC.) Malme
Zornia diphylla var. pubescens (Kunth) Benth.
Zornia gracilis Dc.
Zornia ovata Vogel
Zornia latifolia DC.
Zornia pubescens Kunth
Zornia surinamensis Miq.

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Ambrosia apples
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