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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, how would marijuana negatively affect your chi, shen, yin, & yang?

Question by Dave: In accordance to Conventional Chinese Drugs, how would cannabis negatively have an effect on your chi, shen, yin, & yang?
I’ve smoked my share of marijuana and quit last june and have by no means been the same since… and have been searching to get back the harmony that I experienced prior to my very poor selection to start smoking cigarettes mj. SO, assuming that cannabis consequences men and women similarly, how would the use of marijuana have an effect on chi, shen, jing, and yin/yang balance? And how would YOU acquire back harmony following use of this sort of a awful drug?

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Answer by Richard L
Cannabis is used in Classic Chinese Drugs, but not as a smoked leaf but instead as a seed employed to make tea with other elements. It truly is use is equivalent to poppy seeds, carrying humidity into the bowels.
I have no basis for generating statements about qi, shen, jing, yin, and yang in relation to smoking it. I suppose that you would need to have to do an inventory and historical past of what else was likely on at the identical time to assess what the complete results of your lifestyle were. Excesses are correlated in TCM. Perhaps you could url some of that use to excesses and attempt to focus on the thoughts included. Pleasure to the coronary heart, depression and anger to the liver, concern to the kidneys, grief to the lungs.

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  1. I’ve been studying under a very good spiritual acupuncturist (Adam Atman) who has a lot of experience with patients using substances. He did a radio show on this topic, and I flagged him down to give me a more detailed explanation on the subject. What follows has also matched the experiences of the two most perceptive individuals I know that smoke (I unfortunately never have tried so I lack some context to explain here).

    The only problem I saw with answering this properly, is that slightly different classification systems exist for the energies that compose an individual (ie. jing chi shen ling tao). My own preference is the 8 energetic bodies, since that was what I was taught in the mediation I’ve practiced since childhood, and Bruce Frantzis made it be one of the best quantified representations in his book Relaxing Into Your Being (plus I think it’s more accurate). Since this question isn’t about that topic though, I’ll skip over the long discussion with the differences between the two.
    However I need to define some terms:
    Jing: Your basic energy, this is composed of your physical body, your etheric field (aura or chi body), and the lower half of your emotional body (the primal emotions generated by the organs).
    Chi: Your more advanced energy, it is composed of your higher (sentient) emotions, your mental body (or energy), and the first half of the energetic level when you start to open up psychic capacities.
    Shen: Your “spirit” energy, this is composed of the higher half of your psychic energy body, the energy when cause and effect or karma is stored, and the early parts of what is considered your true essence.
    Ling: This is basically synonymous with your highest energetic body or soul (although some disagree with the classification).
    Tao: This is the highest level of existence, or the universal consciousness that composes everything, which taoist masters spend years trying to connect with (and some Tibetan Buddhists).

    Anyhow, the basic effect of marajuanna is that is transfers energy from your chi body to your shen body, leading to an expansion of consciousness and occasionally if done enough an activation of the ling body, which is where the effects of being high come from.
    Since this is a forced artificial effect, it naturally has to end, and once is does, the energy recontracts back to the Chi body. A few problems arise from this:
    The first is that (typically 3 hours afterwards) the Chi Body starts to fill with gunk (to people who can see the energy it looks like a grey residue), which somewhat pollutes the body.
    The second is that this transfer drains the chi, which can lead overtime to various physical complications (Adam has observed many patients with weak chi have their immune system give out from continous pot smoking). Additionally, since the Jing is the normal place gone to for the Chi to restore itself, a common side effect of smoking is the munchies (as the body wanting to restore it’s Jing).
    Overall, this causes a decline of chi overtime if done too much.

    Next off, the primary organ system affected by smoking pot is the Liver, in that it expands and grows out. The liver has the characteristic of having one of the most noticeable energy fields when it “expands” (ie. it’s linked emotion is anger and when someone gets angry a presence can be felt in the room not commonly gotten with other emotions). The liver is a wood element yin organ, and due to the 5 element controlling cycle, when it excess it invades the yin earth organ, which happens to be the spleen. Since the spleen governs hunger (in the Chinese system) this also accounts for the food cravings generated after pot smoking and the liver expansion.
    Liver energy expansion isn’t actually necessarily bad. Some individuals have too much which is tightly bound and very tense, so for them a liver energy expansion can be extremely balancing, but as highlighted before in the case of individuals with weak chi, smoking pot makes you sicker.

    It’s actually a normal process for the Chi to be replenished as you sleep and then feed the Shen during the day. Depending on the equilibrium someone has in place, smoking pot can be helpful or detrimental, although I have never seen a case where large amounts of smoking were not detrimental.

    The best things I know of to regain your balance after smoking too much pot are
    a) smoke less (or don’t)
    b) have a good diet that nourishes the body
    c) sleep well
    d) practice decent chi gung daily.

    I should note that other drugs cause a similar energetic transfer to happen, but normally are much worse and more dangerous than marijuana (ie. stuff like meth exposes you to actual psychic attacks). While I’m making marijuana out to be quite bad, it’s often harmless and doesn’t deserved to be lumped with all the other horrible drugs out there.

    Hope that helps; I did a lot of research to double check this answer for accuracy before I posted it!