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Legal bud is really an herbal smoke which combines essence as well as potency of natural herbs and plants. Made up of legal herbs, you can acquire legal bud within physical stores around the world in addition to ordering it on the web. It is popular with people who use it as a substitute of conventional cigarette smoking because it happens to be legal and readily accessible. Regarded as another exotic smoke, legal bud is grown and delivered widely throughout the United States and most of the globe.

Jan 23

Family moves to Colo. for medical marijuana for 3-year-old

Loved ones moves to Colo. for health care cannabis for 3-12 months-aged
The Loews hope to at some point wean Hannah off of all the prescriptions she is currently taking. They imagine … The Loews have listened to of numerous achievement tales involving medical marijuana and other young children struggling from the same syndrome. They …
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Bobby Jindal: I would contemplate legal health-related cannabis
In Louisiana, physicians are legally capable to write prescriptions for health care marijuana use in certain cases currently, but there are no spots offered to lawfully buy the drug. If lawmakers needed to make health care marijuana viable in the point out, they …
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Proposed medical cannabis rules pressure selection: Your pot or your gun
Sufferers who want to qualify for health-related cannabis in Illinois would have to be fingerprinted for a background check and spend $ 150 a yr — and give up their correct to very own a gun, point out officers proposed Tuesday. The prepare outlines how grownups who have …
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As soon as pair's combat to legalize healthcare marijuana in Kentucky
He has been informed by his medical professionals at the College of Louisville Kentucky Lions Eye Heart, exactly where he has been a individual for eleven years, that without health-related marijuana, he will be blind in a year from glaucoma. The THC from cannabis retains the strain on&nbsp…
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Jan 23

Does Your Baby Smoke Pot?

norml_remember_prohibition_The way Nancy Grace on the HLN network screams about your baby sitter being on pot can make you think she is on crack. But the truth is she is not. She is in show business, knows a good topic, and can figure out how and when to run with it.

Last week she had three shows featuring the President of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. That would be me. Each time, she held the dump button, controlled the microphone, and was able to cut me off at will. No, that usually does not happen to me, but I was a guest on her show — in her court. But this is our issue. We live with facts. She sensationalizes fiction.

America has turned the corner on the possession of marijuana. No one wants it to be a crime anymore. Welcome to the party. You can now come out of the closet. Legalization, education and regulation have always made so much sense. It has worked with alcohol and tobacco and the use and consumption of both is down across America. I don’t want to fool you. It is not that the world is pro-weed. Everyone is just anti-prohibition.

The entire drug war has just been a jobs program for cops. Let them do real work and arrest criminals, not cannabis users. Nancy Grace chose to defend an indefensible topic that she is eventually going to lose. Her position was so histrionic in today’s America that Saturday Night Live did a spoof of her last weekend. Let’s face it. Pot smokers have become like the pods in the ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers.’ We are everywhere. We have taken control. Everyone who was in the closet about cannabis is coming out, from the President of the United States to the Democratic senator in Florida, a former astronaut, Bill Nelson.

Mind you, pot smokers and cannabis users have always been here, from Woodstock to Washington State. Many of you have been hiding behind closed doors, afraid to admit that you smoke. Whether you are a kid walking down Main Street in Middletown, USA, or a retiree living in Coral Gables, you smoke weed. Or someone you know does. And you know nothing the government has ever said about it is true. Reefer Madness, my ass! The only reefer madness has been the government’s prohibition against responsible personal consumption. We knew it was a farce then, and everyone is finally willing to say so now.

Legalization is not the experiment. Prohibition is, and it has failed dramatically. That cannabis is still illegal in 28 states stinks. Men with badges and guns can break down your doors, lock you up in steel cuffs, and bring you to jails where you are put in human cages. Legalization and regulation is so much safer. What you knew back when is still right today.

No more deals in dark alleys and no more cartels in criminal conspiracies. Let’s just have small businesses properly run, licensed and taxed, marketing the latest products and strains, from purple diesel to green kush. Free choice means Marlboros or Mary Jane; whiskey or weed. As long as you are an adult and not harming anyone, you must have the right to have your government stay the heck out of my life.

Our time is here. Light up your joint. Smoke where and when you want, but preferably not in an elementary schoolyard. Recreationally, medically, spiritually, everything tastes better with cannabis. Sex is better. Food is better. Watching Nancy Grace is easier. In fact, next time I do her show, I think I am going to get lit before the lights go on. How else do you come to grips with a delusional woman who is ranting about cab drivers smoking weed when every other person on the road seems to be a congressman on coke or mayor on meth?

The only time cannabis is dangerous is when a cop finds it on you. If Nancy Grace wants to be known as a victim’s rights advocate, let her speak up for over 29 million Americans that have been arrested for the possession of cannabis over the past 30 years. How crazy is that? And what does it say about how many have used it? Licensing, age controls, taxation, regulation, and an end to prohibition is so transparently the way to go.

It is not just that cannabis is not harmful; we have proven it medicinally invaluable. From treating muscular spasticity to glaucoma, marijuana is a healing alternative. Let’s live and let live. Let’s do no harm to each other. If we are concerned about drug abuse, treat the person and arrest the abuse. Don’t lock up the patient. We do not need any more pot prisoners.People like to say that cannabis is objectively less harmful than alcohol, and therefore it should be legalized because of that. No, it should be legalized because any abuses related to cannabis should be treated as a health or medical issue, not a criminal one.

No one has ever died from weed, but damn, society has seen its freedoms die away because of it. The criminal treatment of marijuana has opened the door to illegal seizures, outrageous forfeitures, massive fines, and unjust confiscations of personal property. We have sold our constitutional souls to arrest weed, and now it is time to free the leaf.

It is true that the majority of Americans now favor decriminalization of marijuana, and even more want legalization. One thing is sure, and that is we need to end criminalization. We have stood by and let people be wrongly placed in horrible jails with steel bars and strong locks, all to prevent them from consuming a substance that does them no harm. We have perpetuated an injustice. We owe it to ourselves to undo the hurt our deafening silence has caused.

We have harmed the fabric and freedoms our country held dear, discriminated unjustly against minorities, and denied to Americans the desires of its majority. There is no cannabis calamity or catastrophe in America. There is an awakening that will soon shine a soothing light on the rest of America, and with luck, one day, even Nancy Grace.

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Jan 22

Q&A: How long does marijuana stay in an unborn baby’s system once a user stops using completely?

Concern by Sweet G: How long does cannabis remain in an unborn baby’s method as soon as a user stops using fully?
My buddy experienced been employing off and on throughout her being pregnant and I have been encouraging her to stop she finally did which I am so very pleased of her I was questioning does it just take the identical volume of time to get rid of the thc in grown ups as it does in unborn babies?

Best answer:

Response by CJ S
hmmm excellent issue. I would say yes. It is a human and it in fact may just take a small more time for the child to just simply because its new and fresh

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Jan 22

62% of Georgia Voters Support Marijuana Decriminalization

GA Poll Packet Cover

Atlanta, GA – While a newly released poll found that over half of Georgia voters support a marijuana legalization policy similar to that of Colorado and Washington (54%), that same report found that even larger majority supports decriminalization.  62% of respondents believe that the state should remove criminal penalties for possession of less than one ounce of pot, and replace it with a $ 100 civil fine, without the possibility of jail time.  Only 32% were opposed.  Interestingly, 56% of seniors, and republicans respectively, were among that nearly two-thirds majority.

 The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) was commissioned by state affiliates of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Georgia NORML, and Peachtree NORML.  Said Peachtree NORML’s Executive Director Sharon Ravert, “The citizens of Georgia agree, marijuana prohibition is a wasteful and destructive policy.  It is time for our state to catch up with public opinion and find a more sensible solution to the status quo.”  Peachtree NORML and other advocacy groups are working with lawmakers and various state coalition groups to amend Georgia’s criminal marijuana laws. In 2010, some 32,500 Georgians were arrested for violating marijuana laws, according to the FBI. That is the sixth highest total of any state in America.

Also of note, only 9% of respondents were millennials.  This demographic is known to be overwhelmingly supportive of this issue, but the limited pool show great support among other age groups.  71% of those questioned were between the ages of 30 and 65 which shows that older generations, who are more likely to vote, are also strongly in favor of marijuana law reform – particularly decriminalization.   It is clear that this sentiment reaches across all party lines, age groups and races, proving that there is widespread support for marijuana law reform in the traditionally conservative state of Georgia.

“Though it may be surprising to some, these numbers are consistent with a growing trend of support for reform in the south,” said NORML’s Outreach Coordinator for the southeastern region of the country, Sabrina Fendrick.   Recent polls conducted in Louisiana and Oklahoma both show a majority of support (56% and 53% respectively) for a change in the law providing for a $ 100 fine without jail time for those who possess an ounce or less of marijuana.  Said Fendrick, ”Everywhere you look you will see more and more people dissatisfied with the strict penalties associated with current marijuana laws, and an ever growing number of southerners are ready for a  sensible alternative to existing policies, including decriminalization.”




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Jan 22

Ice Cube Says Don’t Pack a Bowl at the Super Bowl Because…

TMZrecently caught up with Ice Cube who had some words of wisdom for all of your budding Super Bowl stoners. Though the Seahawks and Broncos hail from the only two states that have legalized recreational marijuana, and the actual game is being held in the recently m…

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